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            洪湖市楚韻設備制造有限責任公司是中石化,中石油,中化集團,中海油,國儲局的一級合格供  應商,ISO9001國際質量認證企業,專業制造石化儲運設備,儲罐管道附件的生產型企業。
           HongHuShi ChuYun equipment manufacture Co., LTD is located in the beautiful coast of hubei honghu, specializing in the production of storage and transportation equipment and piping fittings. Our company has many years engaged in petrochemical equipment, design and manufacture of professional and technical personnel and senior technicians, and improve the production equipment and testing devices, sinopec, petrochina, sinochem corporation first-order network members. Our company with professional quality and quality services for the core competitiveness, after years of efforts, and finally a high popularity in the industry, and reputation at home and abroad over the order vision. "Darling, ChuFeng rhyme yu exhibition. The companies adhere to the "science and technology for this, the quality first, the user is supreme, win-win cooperation" tenet, strictly abide by the quality commitment, positive enterprising, further increasing spending on research and development of products and better with full users to share, working passion and high sense of responsibility to provide the best service for the customer with all sincerity!




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